About Us

Shinhan is a South Korean wallpaper manufacturer company, which was founded in 1996. Thanks for the innovative and desire mentality of the development, the company bacame the leader wallpaper manufacturer in South Korea. One of the evidences of this, Seoul Economy Newspaper elected it as a Korean trademark with a first number in 2005. The Chon-Ji-In is one of Shinhan most popular product line.

Shinhan is not satisfied with this development, since their unconcealed aim, that not only Korea, but the world let them develop into the firm of a leader wallpaper manufacturer. To the achievement of this aim the first step is the international markets conquest. Nowdays the Shinhan products are known on many parts of the world thanks for their high quality.

Shinhan proved in the past 1,5 decade that their aim, is not only manufacturing the high quality products, they think the environment protection is also important. Shinhan considers it important to express an opinion on important social issues such as protecting the environment, or even in the fight against climate change. Of course, the protection of the environment is not just lip service, but do something about it, because in the past decade a number of innovations and improvements have been introduced, which served as the environmentally friendly production technologies.

Their commitment related to the environment is a good example Chon-Ji-In termékcsaládjuk, the world's first 100% natural wallpaper collection, or the Art G.Stone family, which is a maximum of environmentally friendly PVC-based family wallpaper.

Important events in the Shinhant life:

  • 1997:   Operate the first wallpaper (duplex paper) production facilities
  • 1998:   Acquire ISO 9001 in wallpaper sector
  • 1999:   Operate the first production facilities for PVC wallpepar
  • 2000:   Relocate tha factory from Yesan to Gimpo Complete construction of Gimpo factory and wearhouse
  • 2001:   Acquire ’’Environment’’ label first int he inustry
  • 2002:   Operate the pollutin prevention fcility: RTO
  • 2003:   Receive the grand prix in ’’Enviroment Award” Participate in Shanghai HousingFair in China Selected as top housing brand by newspaper
  • 2004:   Sign license contract with Walt Disney company amd launch children’s collection ’Dream Word’ Operate the third PVC printing facility
  • 2005:   Launch natural wallpaper ‘Chon-Ji-In’. ‘Chon-Ji-In’ is selected as ‘No.1 Korean Brand’ by Seoul Economy Newspaper
  • 2006:   Receive ministerial citation of Ministry of Environment in Korean Eco-Friendly    Building Material Award
  • 2007:   The 6th ICAT 'Clean Air, Pleasant Interior Space’ Exhibition
  • 2009:   Receive outstanding “Green Energy Company” award Sign license contract with Warner Bros. and Hello Kitty, and launch the second   children collection ‘Kids&Teens’ Acquire Korean Standard ㉿ mark ‘Cheon-Ji-In’ is selected as Aving VIP ASIA 2009 H1
  • 2010:   Acquire ISO 14001 (environmental management system certificate) Launch eco-friendly organic wallpaper : N.REAL